The O.R. Company Uterus-manipulator

The O.R. Company


The Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ is an easy-to-use uterine manipulator that exposes the patient’s pelvic anatomy for better definition and optimal access to surgical landmarks during laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomies

Its curved design aligns to the angle of the sacral curve allowing for gentle insertion and effective manipulation of the uterus. When applying celphalad pressure, the Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ delineates the vaginal fornices and clearly displaces the ureters, creating a safe operative margin for the colpotomy incision. Pneumoperitoneum is maintained throughout the procedure

The Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ highlights

  • Simple, safe, effective
  • Four cervical cup sizes (32mm, 35mm, 37mm, 40mm) allowing optimal setting of the cervix and identification of the vaginal fornices
  • Cervical cups made out of EFTE
  • Intrauterine balloon (10cc) stabilises the Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ within the uterine cavity
  • Anatomical (s-curved) design contours to the patient’s anatomy and offers optimal range of motion of the uterus
  • Double cup design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dye injection port
  • Not made with natural rubber latex